TL;DR: Employee list HTML Template Each email signature in separate HTML files in a ZIP-archive

Who it is for

MergeSignature is a productivity tool for design/web agencies and freelancers who need to create a large number of HTML email signatures for their clients with the same design and layout, but with different contact information.

What it does

This tool takes your HTML template, CSS Stylesheet and a CSV file, loops through each row of the CSV, replaces variables in the HTML template (ex: {{ business_email }}) with the fields in the CSV, runs the CSS through CssToInlineStyles and spits it into a HTML file within a ZIP archive for easy distribution.

HTML & CSS Editor

Mergesignature Editor

Write your HTML and CSS in the editor (CodeMirror), name your template, upload and edit your CSV file, you get an instant preview of the finished signature.

Unlimited Templates

Mergesignature Editor

You can edit, delete and browse all of your templates, list rows in the CSV data and preview individual signatures.

Download as Zip Archive

Mergesignature Editor

You can download all signatures from a template as a ZIP file, each person's signature will be in it's own separate HTML file for convenience.